Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion Show featuring the lovely Julie...

Elf's birthday was a fun family day. As is our tradition we all took the day off and spent some time together to celebrate our beautiful girl. A birthday breakfast, a family swim at our gym, dinner at Elf's favorite restaurant - with lots of playtime for her and Julie in between - made for a pretty good 9 year-old birthday, I think.  The doll wardrobe was a HUGE hit and Elf was very appreciative.

So here it is...

First, here's Julie's chest and a very anxious girl waiting to see what's wrapped up inside.

Now to the actual clothes.

 A skating outfit with hat and scarf to keep her warm during practice. Dress - Hinds' book. Hat and scarf - just winged them with a crochet hook and some sock yarn. Purchased skates from American Girl (before I found them for less than $5 from Michael's.)

Sassy girl with a "leather skirt" and camo tee. BG thought it was wrong to put a doll in a leather mini. I submit that it's wrong only if I make a matching one for the 9 year old. :D Purchased pink boots from AG.

What Elf refers to as her 'movie star' coat. I loved this fringe technique so much I took pics of the process to post as a tutorial later. Coat - Simplicity 4786. Hat - Hinds' book with fringe substituted for the brim.

Some lounge wear to match Elf's. Tank - Simplicity 5276. Pants - Simplicity 4786.

And the outfits I didn't get modeled pics of yet...

Soccer star with blue and white jersey and blue shorts to match the uniform Elf wears. Hind's book. Purchased shoes, ball and socks from Michael's.

Spring outfit. Peasant top and capris. Hind's book. Purchased crocs and hat (from Michael's, of course).

Apron and oven mitt set. McCall's M6006. The apron alone took me all most of an afternoon, but it was so worth the time! 
I realized while making this that fat quarters for quilting are a perfect way to get just enough of a woven for most doll items. MUCH cheaper than buying a quarter yard of fabric and a LOT less waste.

Couldn't help myself. Little rocker outfit. "Leather" pants - Simplicity 4786. Tee - McCall's M6006.

Close up of the tank already shown and another pair of lounge pants -  Simplicity 5276.

 One more close-up of the sassy girl outfit with the boots (Simplicity 5276) and matching wrist cuff. As always, I can take a cute thing too far. 

Oh, and don't forget the Snuggie!

I found the pattern for free here. I can't believe I actually made one. I'm NOT a Snuggie fan. I've never found blankets to be a problem, frankly, but Elf REALLY wanted one. Now as I post this I realize I have just enough fleece leftover for well, what's more demented than a dog snuggie? A DOLL snuggie! I just might sew this weekend after all....


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Goosegirl said...

You did a wonderful job on this little wardrobe. I love everything! Happy Birthday to Elf!

kristen said...

You are amazing!! Love the apron and oven mitt!!